the great escapists review

The Great Escapists

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The Great Escapists stars Richard Hammond (Grand Tour, Top Gear) and Tory Bellici (Mythbusters, The Explosion Show) in what is thinly veiled as a documentary by the trailer of 2 guys trapped on an island after a shipwreck, however is probably better enjoyed for exactly what it is: A family style science (sort of) show with some comedy sprinkled over the top.

Wait.. A Science Show??

A lot of what they do is in fact spot on, they'll explain the engineering of each of the ridiculous island projects they do with a little "Hollywood Licence" from time to time thrown in with regard to availablity of the parts available from a shipwreck. However the science each time is explained in it's most basic form.

Is It Worth The Watch?

If you're a fan of Mythbusters and The Grand Tour then absolutely yes. If some of the cheesiness in either of those shows is not your thing, then in no way watch this. Both the hosts ham up their egos combined with some polarising smarts where they go from dumb to intelligent in no time at all. 

If you can accept this for what it is, just a fun, semi funny show that's good to watch when you just don't want to think too hard and kill some time, each episode runs for approx 40 mins each. Add it to your watch list